Design that
makes YOU shine!

Let’s make it easier and take less time for you to look good online.

it’s time to succeed by design!


Simplify your marketing and get back your time

create a beautiful brand with a personalised plan

Confidently promote
your business

Have a greater impact in people’s lives

Enjoy a business and life that thrives

It’s time for a refresh so you can

look good online with less effort!

Freedom + confidence begins here!

Business owners first come to me to help them with a new project. It’s often a new website, workbook, planner or social media templates, something to grow their business.

It’s an easy conversation about what they do and who they help.  As a qualified coach and certified marketer we naturally begin to talk about their journey and where they’re headed. We chat about how their project can help grow their business.

What’s amazing at this point is that they begin to see how they can simplify their business. Light bulbs go off and ideas start to flow.

Having someone else help you see what you don’t see about your business is what can unlock opportunity you’ve never seen before.

This is how we can create a beautiful brand with a personalised plan so you can save time marketing, confidently grow your business and be proud to be seen online.

Let me use my creative super powers on a day, or a few, dedicated solely to you!

Let’s uplevel your brand and make it easier and take less time for you to look good online.

it’s time to succeed by design!

Let's grow your business ...

Make it easy to look good online! Get a personalised plan to elevate your brand, upgrade your website and simplify your marketing. 

A makeover from the inside out!

The stress free way to get your projects done : branding, websites, ecommerce, graphic design, templates and more.

It's time to succeed by design!

Personal support with a designer, marketer, mentor and coach in your pocket as you take action and get things done.

Achieve your goals in real time!

Got questions, book a FREE Call today + let’s chat …

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Jacqui, strategic brand designer, certified FGS marketer + VIP Day Expert, qualified life coach and creator of the FUSElife™ Freedom Framework and Planners here at WhiteSpace Design Studio.

Yes, I’m a special kind of creative 🦄 unicorn that coaches and service providers hire to uplevel their brand to reflect the value and experience they deliver!

Together we can create a beautiful brand with a personalised plan that gives you back your time and makes it a while lot easier for you to grow your business.

Sally Hogshead calls me a secret weapon, and I look forward to being that for you.

Let's simpliy your marketing and make it easier and take less time for you to look good online ... book a VIP Fresh Session today!

it's time to succeed by design!

Creating beautiful brands with personalised plans

designed to make you shine!

Jacqui took away the overwhelming feeling and helped me make a plan to create the systems I needed to scale my business while designing a fun brand that my students enjoy. She is my secret weapon!

Karim Morato

Home School Spanish Curriculum

I’ve just received the journals yesterday and they look amazing! Thank you again, it was a great pleasure working with you!
Olena Lima

Founder and Principle Consultant, Member Boat

Thank you so much. Everything looks great. I appreciate your creativity and putting my work into a beautiful workbook. And as always, it was delightful working with you. Until next time 🙂
Denise Simpson

PhD in Leadership Studies, Simpson Strategies

That looks so good!! (squeals of delight over here)
Leslie Graham

Founder, Turn It Into A Book™

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