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Designing all the different graphics for your website, marketing, products and services isn’t easy.

It takes a lot of time that you could be using to do what you do best, get your customers results. And when you’re embarrassed to show others what you do, you miss out on opportunities to help them and grow your business.

Let’s change that and create a look that reflects the quality work you do!

Let's create a brand that looks like the expert you are. Have the confidence to take your business to the next level!

Let's find out what you need to grow your business. Stop toiling away by yourself, let's create your roadmap to freedom!

What can I do for you?

There are so many pieces to your business … branding, websites, learning portals and marketing to name a few.

Designing the graphics for all the pieces and keeping things cohesive isn’t easy if you’re not a designer.

Yes, I’m a special kind of creative 🦄 unicorn that enjoys bringing together the creative + logical sides to create your branding, graphics, digital products, websites, online course hubs and set up your tech so you can have a brand that looks like the expert you areone that people know, like and trust!

With my unique five step process we can design products, systems, and seamlessly connect your tech to create a transformational experience in your programs, courses and memberships that your customers will rave about!

Sally Hogshead calls me a Secret Weapon, and I look forward to being that for your business.

If you’re tired of toiling away at it by yourself and want to have a brand that looks like the expert you are …

hello friend!


Hi I’m Jacqui Smith, the designer here at WhiteSpace Design Studio.

I absolutely love helping business owners like you, get their business online with a look that reflects the expert that you are, so you can grow you business and enjoy what you went into business for, everyday!

When you have a cohesive brand that reflects the quality of work you do, easy to use products + integrated technology you can work less hours, have more time with your family and friends, which is the freedom you went into business for in the first place.

My unique process helps you to simplify what you do and look good doing it! Your customers will have a transformational experience that they can’t help but rave about!

I can’t wait to create something amazing with YOU! So what are you waiting for

How Karim found more freedom in her business

I was afraid to touch the back end of my business, terrified by technology. I didn’t know how to integrate things, my email, the back end of my website, sales funnels and so many other things.

I was stuck and couldn’t scale my business.

Jacqui took away the overwhelming feeling and helped me make a plan to create the systems I needed to scale my business while designing a fun brand that my students enjoy.

She is my secret weapon!

Karim Morato

Certified Spanish Teacher and Owner, Spanish Educational Solutions

So what about you?
Like to have that kind of freedom in the way you plan your day …

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My daughter and I both love your style! We plan to put a spiral binding on it as opposed to putting it into a binder. She is headed off to college in the fall and was looking for the perfect planner.

I love all the options and choices! It certainly will be a planner designed just for me! I couldn’t find one in any store that I liked enough to buy. So excited to get started printing and planning!

Thanks for making this so easy!
Denise Shipton, Happy Customer 🙂

I absolutely LOVE my planner and the fact that it fits into my life, rather than I fit into it. I'd be lost without my planner now. It's the best!

Angelique Carroll

So Much Colour + Joy!, Angelartz

I've actually been using the Burst since 2017 and I absolutely love it. I've tried countless productivity and to do list and planning apps over the years, I gave up and went back to a paper planner!

Kathy Farmery

Tried Many Solutions, Planner Peace

Thanks sooo much, Jacqui!! I really love the planner. I've used it for the third year now 🙂 And now I can use it for the fourth time also.

Nicole Colleke

Tailoring The Good Life, Planner Lover

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