4 ways to use FUSElife weekly planner pages

One of the best things about the FUSElife Planner kits is how versatile they are. And the the popular weekly spread is no exception. With it’s generous space and long columns you’re able to write “all the things” for the different areas your life on the one page.

And if you’re running your own business and managing a family there’s a lot of details you need to collate to have things run smoothly.

Fortunately with FUSElife planners you don’t have to make your life fit your planner, you can create a planner that fits you. And that’s important because …

With digital printables you can use the pages in a variety of different ways. You could print one set for planning your business marketing and another set for organising the everyday todo’s of business + life, all in the one planner.

There are a variety of page designs, in a horizontal or vertical format, to choose from to organise + plan your day.

Gotta love that kind of flexibility!

Please keep in mind that they are for personal use only, which means they are for organising yourself only. If you’d like to use them for your work team or make a second planner for your mum, daughter or friend, check in store, there are options available for team use 😉

Today our focus is on the Weekly Spread : B. It’s the most popular as you’re about to see.

So let’s take a look at the unique features of the Week B design and see how you can use this simple weekly spread to better organise + plan your day.


Week B has some unique features that are super flexible, which is why it’s it the most popular format. If you’d prefer a one page option with the same flexible features, check out Week F.

Personalise your page

Whether it’s for home or business, the blank column on the left is where you can write that you’re focusing in each row … perfect for managing family schedule, chores, habits, marketing or projects. And it’s easy to change what you need to focus on as your business + life change.

The choice is yours! And they are available in digital or printable options.

week B : Burst

week B : Chic

week B : Classic

week B : ColourMe

week B : Splash

Week B also features top focus checklists, perfect for highlighting your top todos, errands, track finances and habits, meal planning, product and marketing goals and more.

The only limit is your imagination!

Other Weekly Page Styles

If you’re a die hard list lover you’ll probably enjoy Week D and if you prefer a blank slate to totally DIY, that is design it yourself, check out Week E.

There’s a horizontal format with the checklist box, see Week C. And if you’re a simple one page planner girl or guy you’ll want Week : A.

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can use the Week B or F page designs.

week D : list lovers

week F : totally DIY

week C : horizontal

week A : all on one page

Choose Your Own Focus

Whether it’s for home or business, the blank gold column on the left is where you write what you’ll be focusing on each day.

> You can organise your day by people, time + tasks.

Which ever you choose remember, one focus per row keeps things neat and tidy, and makes it easy to see what needs to happen and when.


This one’s just as it sounds. Prefer paper for tracking the who, what, where and who in your home … a friend with 5 children loved this style of calendar.

Whether it’s family or business listing the people you’re organising in the gold column makes it so much easier to know who’s doing what and when.

Manage those work projects with efficiency to avoid missing deadlines. No more doubling up on work, shifts or schedules when you organise your people with this versatile page design.

And don’t forget about you!

Have some habits, health needs, sport events or exercise plans you want to track, then simply list what you want to track. Not only can you mark it off but write a comment that gives you more information about your progress.

Like to create photo books, scrapbook or other memory keeping projects, collect funny sayings, special events or everyday things you’d otherwise forget, and make it easy to add those usually forgotten details to your projects.

people focus


This one’s easy. Add times to the gold column or divide into blocks and schedule your appointments, meetings and deadlines to keep things running smoothly.

This is a great system to know just how much you can get done in your day. Seeing “all the things” you want + need to do scheduled out can keep you from over scheduling your time.

time schedule with people + business focus


Finally, if people + time isn’t how you prefer to organise your day, use the gold column to list your different tasks. The Week B page design is perfect to plan your errands, meals, dates, track your finances and more, all on the one page. Print another set of this versatile page design for planning your business content, marketing + product goals.

Plan your daily tasks from projects and goals, include your social media, content, products and services all on the one page. Planning out your products and content ahead of time makes it easier to coordinate your message, reduce your workload and batch create ahead of time.

Having this kind of information is gold, as it makes new planning + decision making a while lot easier.

If you’d like to spend less time in the kitchen wondering what to cook for dinner, plan your meals ahead of time, including school lunches. Having a meal plan makes knowing what to shop for so much easier. And now you can batch prepare your meals, saving you loads of time in the kitchen. You may even like to share the food prep on the family chore calendar.

task based list style schedule

All In Together

This is kind of like a pick + mix option. There are plenty of rows in the column to combine the people + tasks in your business + life all on the one spread.

Simply list everything + everyone you’re organising in the gold column, like product releases, holidays, bills, social media posts, events and more in the left hand column.

It’s amazing the patterns you can see when information is displayed this way.

Success is in the Details

Being able to see “all the things” at a glance can really make managing your day a whole lot easier. Avoid clashes in your schedule with people, time and tasks, and give yourself more margin when you need it.

When you plan the FUSElife way, it helps keeps you focused + the distractions at bay.


  • Turn the weekly pages into a hanging calendar and display it in a prominent space to let the everyone know what’s happening and when.
  • Using different colours for people and categories makes it easier to read at a quick glance.
  • Try these ideas to more easily manage the day to day business and home details.
  • Scheduling and doing those daily tasks is the key to achieving your goals and making the progress you want in your business + life.

You don’t have to make your life fit your planner, you can create a planner that works the way you do. These are just a few ways you can use the monthly calendar spreads in the FUSElife Planner kits.

Choose your planner in store and create a planner that works the way you do today!

Experience the comfort from knowing just what you need to do today, and the confidence when you know how those todo’s are helping you reach your goals.


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