Welcome back to the Begin Fresh : 7 Days to Your Best Year Yet! :: Day 2

Looking back is the fastest way forward. And it provides you the best view of what you need to do to achieve your goals. If you’re just joining us, you can start Day 1 here.

You’re not behind, because …

Today is the best day to begin fresh!

Yesterday we started our reflection by counting our blessings. It always amazes me how many good things I have to write about, even if that victory is a lesson learned. It’s a gift that will save you time and trouble in your journey ahead.

Here are my answers to yesterdays prompts. To save space + respect your time I’ve shortened some of my answers :

What are your favourite moments from 2017?

The adventures we took as a family, from speedway, to the rodeo and taking our first mini cruise together. Weekends at the beach in our caravan are always among my favourite moments. Plus seeing our son start a traineeship in Game Design. Last, but not least is going on regular dates with my husband.

What felt successful?

Making the tough decisions in business to step back from activity that wasn’t taking me to where I want to go. While it didn’t feel successful at the time I’m thankful to have traveled that journey.

I went on a ruthless email decluttering spree. I drastically reduced the amount of email I received and it felt so peaceful.

Personally, getting to bed earlier + changing my daily routines with the seasons. 
I was able to still keep my non-negotiables of exercise, journalling, bible reading and family time, even though they happened in a different order or time of the day.

Embracing a foundation of stock based meals has certainly been beneficial for our family. We feel better, weigh a little less and have better health since making the changes earlier in the year.

What did you accomplish?

At home we did a major spring clean, inside and out (except for the garage, that’s a project for this year). It took three months but everything was cleaned, weeded, painted, repaired and decluttered. It felt fabulous to work together to complete this big project.

In business creating four new planner designs for 2018 and releasing my first edition of the Planner Playbook. My focus is to help other creative business mums to not only take care of their family and business, but to make space in their life for more of what brings them joy. I’m so glad to have made the tough decisions I needed to so that I can make that my focus this year.

What are you glad you spent time doing?

Working through the Barefoot Investor book as a couple. We took action and reorganised our finances. His serviette strategy is such a super simple way of getting things in order, not just for today but also creating a plan for future growth.

What are you glad you spent money on?

Repairs around the home. There were things that we’ve wanted to do for years that we’ve finally done. Having reorganised our finances made it so much easier to spend the money, not that they cost a whole lot. I also am glad to have paid our son to help me reorganise our digital life. With his help I’ve made progress so much faster.

In business investing in the tools and community to help me do what I need to do and look after my customers is always something I’m glad I spend money on. Books, always books as I love to read, learn and grow.

I’m using the Classic Planner for Begin Fresh with a splash of paint, washi tape and word stickers.

What did you make progress on?

Connecting the dots from where I am to where I want to be in business, with our personal finances, our home environment and digital lifestyle.

What worked well?

Our family meetings would have to be at the core of our success. We cook breakfast together and connect with what’s happening, support each other and make plans that move us from where we are to where we want to be.

What energised you?

Getting crafty in my planner is an activity I really enjoyed, as did trips to the beach and watching chick flicks (I learnt to take a night off for me each week). My early morning walk s and afternoon family walks are essential for staying energised.

What were the top 3 lessons you learnt?

Experimenting and trying something new is never a waste of time.
Speak up for what you want + share why it’s important to you. Others will listen and support you.
The disciplined pursuit of less is the path to experiencing a more fulfilling + purposeful life.

What did you learn about yourself?

I am able to do more than I ever imagined, when I step out in faith and take action.
I can never have too much washi tape

Who encouraged or supported you?

My husband. Every day he’s on this adventure with me, willing to embrace uncertainty, grow and explore new things together. And my son, caring and always ready with an unending supply of hugs. Dear friends, always willing to share the ups and downs of life together.

Who did you enjoy encouraging or supporting?

My husband and son, seeing them use their gifts and talents brings me an incredible amount of joy. To be able to support and encourage them is a gift I receive everyday. As is every opportunity to be there in whatever way I can for friends.

Financially I enjoy supporting a number of different organisations and people in our community, our nation and overseas. This is the reason we started our first business all those years ago and the same reason we continue today.

What were your top three values?

adventure, honesty and creativity

Day 2 :: Points for Change

Yesterday was all about counting your blessings, seeing the good and acknowledging the amazing things you did in 2017.

Today is all about discovering things you could change in the year ahead. I’ll share my answers tomorrow along with the next set of prompts for you to discover what you could improve in this coming year.

The planner worksheets for today’s exercise can be found in my 2018 planners and the journalling prompts for today’s reflection is on pages 16 and 17 of the FUSElife Planner Playbook.

Today’s exercise

Answer any or all of the following questions as you reflect on what you could improve this coming year :

  • What outstanding goals or unfinished projects do you have?
  • Why do you think you didn’t achieve them?
  • How did you hold yourself back?
  • What needs to change moving forward?
  • Where was money wasted?
  • Where was time wasted?
  • What drained your energy?
  • How can you better manage your energy?
  • Are there things you should let go of?
  • What word would best describe your past year?

FUSElife Planner Playbook

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Big and small, mention it all here as you answer any or all of today’s prompts. And if you’re feeling crafty, grab your favourite washi tape and pens, and get creative.

Share your favourite moment from 2017 in the comments below.

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