Welcome back to the Begin Fresh : 7 Days to Your Best Year Yet! :: Day 6

You’re almost at the end and I’m so pleased for you. You’ve laid a strong foundation for the year ahead to be, do + have the success you’re looking for. If you’re just joining us, you can start Day 1 here.

You’re not behind, because …

Today is always the best day to turn your dreams into plans!

Yesterday you stepped in closer to your everyday life. You spent some time thinking big about what you’d like to achieve in life and then narrowed things down to one thing you can take action on this year to move you closer to your think big dream.

Here are my vision statements from yesterday’s exercise :

Think Big dream

Helping busy mums plan + organise their day, their family and business, in a way that helps them to get things done and have time for more of what brings them joy. I want to help them flourish in business + life!

One Thing goal

Create a space where creative business mums can receive the kind of support that helps them achieve their goals. And I’m excited to have started working on this year already.

A study at the Dominican University has proven that those who write down their goals accomplished significantly more than those who don’t. Just by writing down your goals you are going to achieve more than the person who simply thinks about them.

I’ve benefited greatly from having this kind of support personally, with our family + in business.

For the past 2+ years our family has had weekly meetings. We cook breakfast, pull out our planners + devices and plan together. We have + are continuing to achieve so much more than we could have imagined, plus we’re better connected as a family.

And it’s the one thing that is helping me take massive action on my business, this kind of support with my online business community.

Recently I found an article showing that science has done the research + proven the results of goal setting with this kind of support. I was very excited and knew what I needed to do to help others have this kind of success in their business + life.

A study at the Dominican University has proven that those who write down their goals accomplished significantly more than those who don’t. Just by writing down your goals you are going to achieve more than the person who simply thinks about them.

I’m using the Classic Planner for Begin Fresh with a splash of paint, washi tape and word stickers.

Did you know that you can significantly increase your rate of success?

An interesting outcome from that study showed that you can almost double your rate of success if you :

  • analyse your goals and the resources you need to accomplish them
  • then write down your goals
  • set commitments to achieve them
  • share your goals with a friend
  • and send a weekly progress report to your friend

If you’d like to have this kind of support to achieve your goals all through the year! Visit the Studio for more information.

Day 6 :: Focus | Roles

Earlier in the week you reflected on the state of who things are in each of the different areas of your life. Today with your mission + vision in mind, you’ll get specific about the things you need to do to get you to where you want to go.

What worked well last year that you should do more of? And what are those things you want to change?
What gets scheduled gets done. Including these activities in your routines + habits greatly increases your rate of success.

I’ll share my answers tomorrow along with the next exercise that finishes our Begin Fresh series.

The planner worksheets for today’s exercise can be found in my 2018 planners and the journalling prompts for today’s reflection is on page 24 of the FUSElife Planner Playbook.

FUSElife Planner Playbook

Today’s exercise

Write down your different life categories for the coming year. You’re welcome to use the same ones I use, or you can make a list of your own :

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Home
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Social
  • Earn
  • Learn

Then under each heading list the tasks or activities you’ll do this year to reach your goals.

#tip : You may like to use different coloured pens to separate personal and business tasks or list personal activities at the top and business from the bottom.

To recap any of the Begin Fresh series, click the day below :

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Day 7 :: One Word

Write down the tasks and activities you need to do under your different life categories.

Share what you’ll do differently this year to reach your goals in the comments below.

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