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As creative business owners, parents, spouses and friends we have many hats to wear and a million and one things to do each day.

So how do you get everything done without stressing out?

Ok, so these probably are new to you. But hey, we all need a reminder when the todo list is banking up and things feel like they’re getting out of hand. Rather than give you an extensive list I’ve picked out 7 of the most effective time management tips that you can start using right now.

#1 : Have a Kit Kat

Yes, you have to get your work done but without time to refresh and recharge you loose your effectiveness.

And I’m not saying you should eat chocolate each time you recharge, probably not the best idea to fuel yourself for creativity, but you do need regular breaks, especially if you work in front of a computer screen, like me.

Schedule in your breaks and use them as bookends or deadlines for your work time. Work fills the space we give it so cut down your work time to allow for a break, refresh and be energised for the next task at hand.

#2 : Limit yourself

Having a super long todo list each day is only setting yourself up for failure. And that’s no way to start each day.

The evening or afternoon before write down your top three tasks for the following day, just 3! And when you get these done and crossed off, celebrate, and if time permits add something else.

It feels so good when you achieve your goals so set yourself up for a win!

#3 : Wear rose coloured glasses

See the world the way you want to, and more importantly need to, so you can get the important stuff done.

Turn off distractions, notifications and limit interruptions. Put a sign on your door if you need to. This is your time to focus and do your best creative work.

Don’t let anyone else change the colour of your glasses!

#4 : Share the love

You can have everything but you can’t do everything. What a great quote from Carrie Wilkerson, and it’s so true!

Get your family involved. They can cook a meal, help out with laundry and even clean up after themselves!

Maybe it’s time to outsource or hire help in business. Do it before you’re ready and share the love.

#5 : Lock it in Eddy!

My Nan use to enjoy watching the show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. You felt so nervous when they locked in an answer with uncertainty.

The good news is you don’t have to have that same kind of uncertainty when it comes to your schedule. If it’s important, put it in the calendar.

I recommend as our family does and put the important family stuff first. Before business and other commitments etc. Show them that they’re first place in your life and … lock it in!

Oh, and use this same tip to commit to tasks that are vital to your business. Put dates wit yourself on the calendar to write your content, do your accounts. I’m actually giving myself a pep talk here, thanks for your encouragement 😉

#6 : Take care of you

You probably imaged that I’m going to say something here about getting more rest, doing something fun, exercising more etc. And all those are good, so make sure you d them.

What I really want to say here is to use the word ‘NO’ more often.

Stop over committing yourself to other people’s desires. you don’t have to be the one to fix everything, do it all or know it all. Learn different ways of being graceful in your decline. And remember, no is a complete sentence too.

Put up boundaries, say no, kindly and sincerely, and take care of you.

#7 : Use a planner, organiser or diary

Nothing is made quite as real and when it’s written down! Create a system that works for you and get it down on paper, digital if need be, but write it down. Commit to it, show up and get it done!

Choose one of the five stylish digital printable planner kits in store and create a digital or paper planner and plan your day with confidence + clarity!

Like to learn how to create a planning system that suits your needs, click here to find out more.

You may have noticed that the best time management tips are all about you! Yes, it’s ok to be selfish when it’s time to get things done. Others will thank you later when you have more free time to enjoy being + doing things with them.

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