A simple 3 step process to break your goals down into bite sizes pieces

Don’t you love Thursdays! … I sure do, and this one is extra special, I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Thursday’s are a great day to take a minute + celebrate all you’ve done for the week (and there’s still one more work day to get some more of your todo list crossed off), and I’m sure you’ve done a whole lot more than you realise.

But most of all I enjoy popping in your inbox for a coffee and chat 🙂 (You can receive these exclusive messages in your inbox when you join The Studio here)

I have a confession … I actually don’t drink coffee. My husband roasts his own beans and enjoys enough for the two of us.

What makes today extra special is that we’re off to see Toy Story 4. (insert an excited squeal here!)

These movies have been part of our family for almost two decades. And as our son is into a bunch of fun creative computer stuff, we’re looking forward to the incredible animation techniques we’ve only seen hints of in the previews.

Making an animated movie is no small feat!

Keep the momentum growing

Like many of our goals, it takes a lot of time, planning + effort to see our dream become a reality.

The key to keeping the momentum growing is to break goal down into mini projects, and those projects into tasks.

It’s how you eat an elephant … one bite at a time.

This year our family was continuing a big project we started late last year, to build a room in our back yard. And if you’ve even undertaken a building project, you’ll know it’s no small goal.

Sometimes things are all exciting and happening fast, like this week as the walls go up inside.

And other times it’s sooooo slow and feels like it’s taking forever to get anything done. Hello painting the outside. that took so much longer than anticipated.

The way we’ve stayed on top of the project and kept moving towards our goal was to break it down into projects and then breakdown those projects into tasks.

Let me show you how we do it …

Here’s how we do it

At the beginning of each month we outline what project we’re focusing on.

Each week we have a family meeting and we break down that project into tasks for the upcoming week, and schedule who’s doing what in the calendar.

If it’s not scheduled, it most likely won’t get done!

#proTip : Something always pops up to distract us from our best intentions, that’s life. So putting what’s important in the calendar helps to hold us accountable.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like moving things in the calendar because it got bumped out, especially when it was important. I’ll think twice about brushing it aside for something else that ‘seems’ urgent.

Recording your progress is essential for fuelling your enthusiasm, especially when you’re not ‘feeling it’. So I’ve also been writing our progress on our giant wall calendar and taking photos along the way.

So that’s me quick and easy way of breaking down a goal to make sure progress is made + success is achieved

Success comes when you #takeAction

Use my simple 3 step process for breaking down your goals into bite sized pieces in your FUSElife Planner.

1. Goal Planning : Write out your goal using your Action Plan page, be sure to list any mini projects or stages for your goal on the Action Steps page
2. Monthly Project : Note down your project on your Focus and/or Monthly Master pages, a great way to stay focused on the ‘one thing’ you’re doing right now towards your goal

3. Weekly Tasks : Each week in your family meeting write down what tasks you need to do for your project in your Weekly Spread todo list, and schedule then in your digital calendar or planner
Rinse and repeat steps 2 + 3 until your goal is complete! And don’t forget to celebrate your progress along the way.
#proTip : Make it easy for yourself to succeed and break it down! Goals > Monthly projects > Weekly Tasks #truthTalk

Your BIG goals are achievable! And you don’t have to put them off for another day.
Follow this 3 step process and break down your goals into bite sized pieces. You can begin taking action in the margins of your day to make your dreams a reality!
Like to know more about how you can plan your day with confidence + joy and get things done a whole lot easier … I show you how in the FUSElife Planner Playbook!

Enjoy the comfort + confidence of having a planner that works the way you do!

Experience the comfort from knowing just what you need to do today, and the confidence when you know how those todo’s are helping you reach your goals.


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