I don’t like one size fits all solutions. And I’m allergic to obligation.

Hi I’m Jacqui Smith, the qualified graphic designer + business owner behind WhiteSpace Design Studio.

Neither of those things work for me as a designer or mum. My clients need unique solutions. And we’re definitely not a cookie cutter family.

I enjoy reading about productivity, time management + habits for fun. There is one particular place that I find many of my strategies for successful living, and that’s in the pages of the Bible.

In it’s pages I’ve discovered techniques to reduce the overwhelm + unnecessary stress from striving to get it all done and how to tap into a supply of unending joy, even when life doesn’t go according to plan.

You could say it’s pages hold the keys of how you can …

Through my journey as work-at-home-schooling mum I’ve found a way to manage my different responsibilities, work, family + business, to keep from being swept up in the crazy pace of society today. I’ve discovered a rhythm, a way of planning + doing that’s brought more peace, contentment and joy to my day. I call it the FUSElife Way.
I call it a Way because it’s fluid + flexible. It’s not a one size fits’ all process or system because we all plan + get things done differently.

I imagine your day is like mine + you need flexibility too.

I’m also a creative, so while I like a little structure, I don’t like to be boxed in by a rigid schedule or strict processes. In the past I’ve resisted being locked in while at the same time desperately trying to make things work. And in the end my life was like a set of overstuffed drawers.

Can you relate?

You say yes to ourselves + others, and end up collecting a whole bunch of responsibilities + tasks. You try to containerise them, like you do your stuff. The result … your schedule bulges, ready to burst at any minute, it looks like a set of overstuffed drawers with socks and shirts hanging out.

You try with all your effort to squeeze. it. all. in. but at some point … you become overwhelmed, burnt out, worn out, cranky and frustrated at not being “organised” enough to get it all done. And if something isn’t done, it’s gonna blow!

Worst of all you don’t have time for the things we value most, time for what brings you joy, time with your family, to actually be in the moment with them, enjoying life.

The secret of effectiveness is to know what really counts

then do what really counts,

and not worry about the rest.

Rick Warren

aWhile there’s is no one way that works for all of us, there are foundational principles that enable us to live an abundant, joy filled life.

To FUSElife (verb) is to purposefully blend of the different pieces of your life together in harmony with three simple steps :

COLLECT : gather your thoughts, resources + what you need
REFLECT : know why + what to focus on
CONNECT : make a plan that you can + want to do

it’s time to live a life that flows, not blows!

That’s what gets me out of bed each day with the sunrise, to help others, like you, banish the scattered, fragmented + exhausted effects of overwhelm from our daily lives.

If you’ve tried other solutions, different planners + systems, only to think that there was something wrong with you, then don’t leave without signing up below, discover how to combine the amazing abilities already within you with the FUSElife Way of planning your day to create a life you enjoy!

You are enough … you can find focus, get things done + make space for what matters most!

Before you go, can you do yourself a quick favour?

When you plan your day tomorrow, only write down the top 3 things that you need to do (preferably on a clean sheet of paper or you can grab yourself one of my gorgeous planner kits here) + make sure you start each task with an action word.

Oh + when it’s time to work, turn off your notifications + quit your mail. When you get those 3 tasks done, take a little time for yourself + celebrate!

You deserve it.

Be sure to sign up for your free Easy One Page Planner below + let me help you turn your dreams into plans!

Thanks for stopping by, I’m blessed to have met you.

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