Say goodbye to the hustle …

design your day for success!

and reclaim at least an hour a day

Do what matters most with more joy and less stress.

Your  time runs out  faster than you can get things done.

Your  energy is capped  … even more when burning the candle at both ends.

Your  focus is spread thin  trying to manage “all the things”.

You wonder how you can possibly balance it all?

Know what to focus on

and eliminate what’s getting in your way with the

 It’s a simple 3 step productivity framework  to design your day your way!

Start where you are with what you have and add what you need to succeed.

Get clear about what you want, what’s possible and what’s in your way.

Take consistent action on your plan to achieve your goals in business + life.

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Jacqui    strategic brand designer   here at WhiteSpace Design Studio, professionally trained designer and certified FGS Master Marketer.

Yes, I’m a special kind of 🦄 unicorn who enjoys bringing together the creative + logical sides to find innovative solutions. My unique framework helps you plan your day for success so you are free to focus on and do what matters most.

And as you can imagine, it’s the secret to saying goodbye to the hustle and experiencing the freedom of more joy in your life.

Your journey to become a
Confident Planner

When you’re   design your day your way  and are free to focus on what matters most, you experience the freedom of more joy in your life!

Stage One

Discover what’s possible and get clear about what you want for your business + life.

Stage Two

Create the unique foundation that YOU need to be free to focus on what matters.

Stage Three

Simplify how you do what you do so you can reclaim even more time.

Stage Four

Close the loop and circle back around and continue to refine and grow.

What’s inside the

A fresh approach to getting things done with less hustle + more joy …

a  flexible productivity framework  for women who want to say goodbye to the hustle and have more time freedom without feel guilty about having it.

♥️ FUSElife Freedom Framework

Create 5 simple, flexible systems in a specific order, so you can be free to focus on what matters most … saving you hours, day and months of wasted time.

You’ll discover …

  • The questions you need to ask so you can get clear about what you want.
  • The secret that makes all the other decisions about how you organise your day so much easier!
  • Why people get stuck, spinning their wheels doing lots of things that doesn’t matter.

You’ll become familiar with …

  • How to get what matters most done, almost automatically.
  • The tried and tested tool for making decisions about what’s important.
  • This unique foundation that sets you up for success and eliminates a lot of what’s getting in your way.

I’ll show you how to …

  • Build momentum and celebrate your progress, week after week after week.
  • Know the right things are on your schedule so you are free to focus.
  • Integrate work and life to create a flow so you can enjoy being in the moment.

It’s time to share how to …

  • Simplify what you do and how you do it so you can reclaim even more time!
  • Use the powerChunks™ strategy to multi-task in a way that actually increases productivity.
  • Have the energy to manage your day, even when things don’t go exactly to plan.

System 5 : Grow

Dive in and…

  • Accelerate your momentum with your feedback loop of success.
  • Circle back around to continue Fresh to plan out new goals for a greater impact + more freedom in your work and life.
  • Get back on track easier + faster when things don’t go to plan.

Planners + Journals

Plan your day with confidence in a planner unique for younow that’s freedom!

Choose from the popular Burst or Creative designs.

Flourish Masterclasses

Prerecorded monthly classes to help you avoid common productivity pitfalls and accelerate your momentum.

Planning Sessions

Prerecorded monthly classes to explore creative ways to plan your day with confidence.

It’s fully self-paced so you can  binge at your own pace  and be right on schedule. Go as fast or steady as you’d like with the simple step by step lessons.

Our Planner Lovers Promise

You can cancel anytimeand you can keep your planner + journals!

When you join the Club and do the work you can expect to get back at least an hour a day and start making consistent progress on your goals within the first two months.

You need to be willing to do things differently. As the saying goes, it’s crazy to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

You can, join without reservation because life’s too short to do things that don’t need to be done at the expense of the things that really matter.

I absolutely LOVE Monday mornings and my planner. The fact that it fits into my life, rather than I fit into it. I’d be lost without my planning habits now. They’re the best!

Angelique Carroll

So Much Colour + Joy!, Angelartz

I’ve actually been using the Burst since 2017 and I absolutely love using it with the FUSElife framework. I’ve tried countless productivity and to do list and planning apps over the years, I now have planner peace!

Kathy Farmery

Tried Many Solutions, Planner Peace

Thanks sooo much, Jacqui!! I really love the framework + planner. This is the third year now 🙂 And now I’m getting ready to begin fresh for the fourth year!

Nicole Colleke

Tailoring The Good Life, Planner Lover

Frequently Asked Questions 💬

I’m already busy, how much time will it take?

You’re exactly who this Club was created for. The good news is that the Confident Planner Club is about helping you taking back control of your schedule so that you can say goodbye to the hustle!

You can binge it at your pace.

>> Success comes by taking action, so if you impliment as you learn you’ll be right on schedule.

To get started I’d recommend you :
Give yourself 2x 30 minute sessions a week to implement what you’re learning in your everday life.

Once you’ve been through the framework, and start creating habits + routines that suit you and your personality, it’ll take less time.

Taking consistent action is at the heart of your success.

How fast can I expect to see results?

Just like compound interest, the results start small in the beginning and increase over time. Even after just a couple of weeks you can expect to notice a difference in the way you’re planning + how much less time it takes to get things done.

It’s good to remember that science shows us developing a new habit actually takes as little as 18 days, and an average of 66 days.

So how much time you save + the results you get is only limited by the habits you create and how consistently you take action.

I’m not very creative. Will this still work for me?

Yes, you don’t need to be creative to experience the benefits of using the FUSElife Framework, although I believe everyone is creative in their own way.

You simply need your favourite pen and the FUSElife planner to make the magic happen. I speak to Creatives because I think we’re the hardest to pin down to a schedule and follow a system. So if we can do it, anyone can.

Do I need a special program or tools?

You will need a computer with a PDF reader and printer to create your paper planner, unless you want to use the files digitally, then you’ll need a tablet and an app that allows you to write on a PDF file like GoodNotes or XODO.

For insider tips on creating your planner you’ll receive access to the Paper Planner Workshop when you join the Confident Planner Club.

Each printable + digital planner comes with a Tip Guide to get you set up and planning fast.

Other tools you may want to use, like Trello, are free and you’re most welcome to use any of your favourite tools that you already enjoy.

Will this really help me be more productive + reach my goals?

Actually an interesting study from the Dominican University found that you can almost double your rate of success if you analyse your goals, write them down, set commitments to achieve them, share them with a friend and review your progress weekly.

The secret to success is found in the Fresh system. When you’re clear on your goals and intetenions it makes all the other decisions so much easier.

We do all those things and more to become that kind of Confident Planner inside the Club. I’m looking forward to showing you how!

What if I get stuck?

That’s what this Club is all about!
There are multiple ways to have your questions answered, by message, email or even audio messages if it’s easier than typing.

#proTip : getting stuck tpyically means there’s a decision that needs to be made. So we’ll backtrack and find out what it is together.

I’m here to support you and help you find your flow!

I’ve tried other planners and courses before. How is this different?

Whether you’re in the CPC or not you’ll need be planning your schedule and how you want to best use your time each day.

How you go about that + the results you get will be vastly different if you’re a CPC member.

Most other planners and programs show you a certain way of doing things. You have to fit into their system and change who you are, which is why they haven’t worked for you in the past.

There is no one size fits all process!

The difference is that we focus on fitting the framework to YOU! We embrace your unique personality and needs, rather than trying to make you fit a ridged and inflexible process.

It’s a custom fitting, like your favourite pair of jeans.

We use a simple framework to create 5 essential systems in a unique way that embraces your unique personality and needs in business + life so you can set the right goals, consistently take action as part of your every day life, track and see your progress, simplify how you take action and circle back around to build upon that progress month after month, year after year!

Is everything available immediately?

You will receive instant access to the FUSElife Freedom Framework, the Planner and Journal products and the Paper Planer Workshop, for tips on creating your paper planner.

Other bonuses, such as the Flourish Masterclasses and Planning Sessions release each month. You’ll have access to all previous sessions immediately when you join.

How long do I have access for?

You have access to the Club content as long as you remain a member in good standing, that means you’re a paying member.

You can keep the planner and journal products no matter how long you are a member.

Can I share this with a friend?

You can share the link to join the Club with your friends + family. Having others join you in your journey would be a lot of fun!

#Please note : you can’t share, copy, use or sell the Club access, content or products with anyone else. It is for your own personal use.

What if I have an other question that isn’t answered here?

Please send me a message here, I’d love to chat with you.


In the next few minutes you can be in the exclusive 🤩 members area …

diving into the framework and adding the details to your new planner.

Within the first few days you’ll have more clarity about what to focus on and put on your 📝 schedule each day.

In fact, you’ll see why you’ve not succeeded in the past and how to fix that just by watching the 21 minute Success Pie Flourish Masterclass.

Most importantly, you’ll have a renewed 🎉 excitement about what’s possible and have the ⏰ time to make it happen.

See you inside!

♥️ FUSElife Freedom Framework

(valued at $497)

📒 Burst | Creative Planner + Journals
(valued at $112 year)
💻 Flourish Masterclasses + Planning Sessions
(valued at $79 month)

TOTAL VALUE $688 for one month | $1557 one year

♥️ FUSElife Freedom Framework

(valued at $497)

📒 Burst | Creative Planner
+ Journals
(valued at $112 year)
💻 Flourish Masterclasses
+ Planning Sessions

(valued at $79 month)

TOTAL VALUE $688 for
one month | $1557 one year

JOIN NOW for $24 month or $216 year (3 months FREE)

JOIN NOW for $24 month or $216 year
(3 months FREE)

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