Have you set some new year resolutions or goals? Is your commitment or energy waning? Maybe you’ve even given up and figured goal setting isn’t for you. Not so fast.

You may be surprised to hear that’s normal.

Most people give up only a few weeks into the new year. By the second week in February about 80% of people are facing disappointment rather than feeling the momentum of their efforts.

Sadly its reported that only 8% of people achieve their new year’s goals.

There’s a host of reasons this happens but the one I want to talk about today is focus.

And it’s not necessarily that you lack focus, it just maybe that you’d be better with a different focus.

Rather than focus on a bunch of goals, how about choosing one word.

One word to be your lens.

One word to guide you, to challenge + shape your year ahead. Let this one word be the filter + tune out the other distractions so you can really focus.

What gets our focus gets us (Prov 23:7) and by tweaking your focus this way you’ll have a whole new perspective + reason to consistently take action.

It’s about seeing a bigger picture for your life than trying to check off a bunch of todos or reply on self discipline to get you over the finish line.

When you have a word, one word, as your guide, you have an anchor. And by using your word to filter your choices you develop laser focus.

And it’s this kind of focus that becomes your inspiration + helps you eliminate distractions that would sabotage your success.

Over the past few years I’ve chosen one word to guide me through the year. Actually, I think they have chosen me.

It’s been surprising how each word has been a summary of my journey. By the end of the year my one word becomes a reflection of the challenges I’ve overcome, the progress I’ve made and the common thread of the lessons I’ve learned.

Choosing one word to guide you through the year helps you :

  • focus
  • unify your goals
  • be flexible + encouraged
  • stay on track
  • easily review your progress

Your word may be something that is speaking you, inspires you to be the kind of person you want to be or something you want to work on.

Don’t rush it, let the idea marinate with you. A word will show itself + connect with you.

As a creative + planner you’ve got an advantage at your fingertips, don’t be part of the 92% that don’t achieve their goals.

So what do I do with my one word?

You can weaving your one word into your planner + let it inspire consistent action each day.

With your word chosen, put on some music and get out your favourite crafty supplies, magazines + photos and make a vision board. Or you may like to do some hand lettering like me.

Use your vision board for inspiration, to remind yourself who you are becoming as you work towards your goals.

FUSElife Classic planner with a splash of paint + washi tape, ready to create my vision board.

This year my word is FLOW.

My journey the past couple of years has been focused on learning more about who I am + challenging my beliefs on what’s possible. This year it’s time to position myself in the flow and do what I know I can and should do. No more standing on the sidelines, wondering or wishing.

I created a hand lettered page of my one word + supporting phrases to remind me to keep my thoughts, plans and actions in alignment with my goals. I want to stay in the flow of creativity, innovation, clarity + to live more fully in the moment. I do this by scheduling white space in my day, creating margin, taking time to be still + cultivating gratitude.

My one word reminds me to #takeAction every. single. day even when what I need to do it’s scary or hard.

#tip : The planner page for creating a vision board can be found in my printable planner kits and the One Word exercise is on page 24 of the FUSElife Planner Playbook.

You don’t have to be part of the normal 80% who face disappointment. Use this one word strategy to narrow your focus, remove the distractions and be part of the 8% who achieve their goals.

How to find focus using one word to guide you in the year ahead >>> Be inspired and create a vision board with FUSElife Classic Planner pages in Kikki,K binder. | #flourishwithwhitespace #plannerprintables #planning #productivity


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