Last week we started talking about how we can have a mindset for success in business and life. You can read the first part here and then come back to continue the conversation 😉

Your thoughts fuel your action

Think back over your day.
Did you have a challenge or two?

Write down what it was.

How did you respond when something didn’t go to plan?

Write that down too. Include the things we talked about last week. Listen closely, and make a note of what were you telling yourself.

What about something that turned out awesome! Congrats, by the way, nice job.

Now write down what this success makes possible and how it makes you feel.

Notice the difference in how you felt towards both situations.

It’s truly amazing how our thoughts effect our mood, energy and future outcomes. To have more of the right kind of thoughts and develop a growth mindset there’s a bit of tidying up we need to do.

It’s time for a spring clean

Now there’s no need to panic. We’re not talking about a reserve your Saturday for a purge, sort, donate style mega clean out.

Although you can do that, if you need to. A tidy physical space certainly helps you to focus better, be more efficient and all those other great things that help you succeed.

Today we’re talking about our mental clutter.

Just like cleaning out your closet, you have to see what’s in there before you can decide what’s worth keeping and what’s not.

Once you know items of clothing are staying you can organise your wardrobe in a way that makes getting ready in the morning more enjoyable and helps you look fabulous. You may even find some new outfit combinations you never saw before. Bonus!

To have more successes in our day we need to have more of the right kind of stuff in our mind and let go of what’s not serving us.

Get rid of the junk

So what type of things are we talking about here?

We only have so many minutes each day so we’re getting straight into it. No point splashing about at shore when the treasure you want is down deep in the ocean.

There are external and internal influences that effect the way we think.

Outside influences

Let’s start with outside influences, like negative people and toxic relationships.

Unfortunately there are some people who drain the living energy out of you. Only you can decide how much is too much and if you are better off limiting or eliminating your time and exposure with them.

Remember, their negativity has an effect on you, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

Your schedule

Next, take a look at your schedule.

A tightly packed schedule and todo list are a recipe for stress and burn out. Not to mention being cranky, short and sharp with those you love. It’s no fun for them or you.

Give yourself some breathing room and build some margin into your day. It helps to have space to think good thoughts and find creative solutions.


The last one I’ll mention today is expectations.

Realistic expectations should serve you and your goals, not drive you to frustration and overwhelm.

Maybe it’s time to let some air out of those balloons and lower the expectations you have for yourself and others.

Who you spend your time with, how you organise your day, and your expectations is fuel for your mind and thoughts. Being more aware of what’s feeding you is important if you want to progress and be more successful in your business and life.

With external influences sorted, purged and donated, it’s time to switch to the internal influence of success.

Focus on what matters

As we discussed last week, what we think shapes who we become. (Proverbs 23:7)

But this isn’t about thinking up some airy fairy, day dreamy stuff and wishing it to come true.

Faith in a better future is anything but positive thinking. You can’t wish yourself anywhere or to do anything. If it were possible many of us would be on some sunny beach relaxing in the warm sunshine.

However you can succeed with belief and a vision for where you want to go.

Belief, or faith, generates the power, skill and energy needed to take action. And action is what makes things happen.

And if we have faith, even as small as a mustard seed we can move a mountain. (Matthew 17:20)

Think about a goal you have that you are yet to achieve.

It may seem like a mountain of a beast to accomplish right now. No doubt there’s a lot that needs to be done to make it happen.

I have one for my business. And it’s huge! But so is my faith. I want to help creative solo + small business owners create systems and processes to get things done with ease so they can grow a successful business and enjoy life with their family.

One way I’m doing that is with my FUSElife Productivity System and Planners, to help them organise their day with confidence and clarity. Creatives are often are big picture thinkers and can start too many projects at once. (Did you see that shiny squirrel too?!) Knowing what to focus on, like we’re talking about here, is super important if you want what you do each day to count and move you closer to going that mountain of a goal.

Now believing in your vision and yourself is good.

The caution is not to find your worth and value in what you do, who others say you are or what you’ve achieved. When you give your power to false supports like that, it can easily be taken away.

And that’s no way to confidently move forward and do what matters.

Each day my faith in what is possible and who God days I am. How I can help others energises me to jump out of bed and dive into action. Not the break neck speed kind of action. The inch by inch it’s a cinch type of action. And everyday I move another chunk of that mountain.

What’s that mountain you want to move?

Keep this focus in mind as you sort, purge and donate in your mental spring cleaning.

The great thing about creating an environment for success is that you can start small and automate it’s growth.

Put it on auto pilot

What do I mean automate it? This is where the small consistent action we talked about last week comes into play.

Small consistent action is powerful. Think compound interest.

Remember success, like wealth, is built little by little.
Small things matter.

I’m a system girl so whenever I can I make things easier with systems and routines.

You can make taking care of your mind and creating an environment for success part of your daily habits and routine, just like you do with regular exercise to tone and strengthen your body.

My morning routine includes activities to feed my body, soul, spirit and day :

  • the body is fuelled with water, a healthy breakfast and exercise
  • the soul with learning (mostly from scripture) and laughter
  • the spirit with prayer and gratitude
  • and my day with intentional plans

These daily habits help me create an environment for success by renewing my mind with new truth and information.

You can be transformed and progressively changed by renewing your mind. (Romans 12:2)

Much of it is done through journalling. I write a little something about what I’ve learnt as it helps me to remember and understand it.

I train my mind to see the good and find creative solutions to life’s challenges with gratitude journalling. I start with thankful and end with awesome. I’ll tell you more about the end of day routine in a moment because there’s something special about that habit that is incredibly helpful for your success.

Making journalling part of your daily routine is how you can to put growing a mindset for success on autopilot!

Start with thankful

In the morning, write down three things you’re thankful for. They can be anything, preferably different things each day.

By doing this simple practice each day you’re training your brain to look for the good. And you’re also conditioning it to find creative solutions when life throws a curve ball at you.

It only take a couple of minutes but the effect over time is life changing if I dare say so.

End with awesome

This part is really amazing, and again, simple. It doesn’t have to take long.

In the evening write about one thing that happened that day sandwiched in gratitude. This is different to the morning, it’s where you dig in a little deeper.

Write about how it made you feel, what you appreciated about it. Use the who, what, when, where and how to dig in a bit deeper.

You’ll find hidden gold with this technique.

It’s ok if what you write doesn’t seem very good at the start. Remember, it’s worth doing poorly while you get better.

You’re focusing on improvement over time, not perfection.

If the something you’re writing about didn’t go all that well, add to your journalling one way you can improve the situation, relationship or whatever it is.

By journalling each day you’re also tracking your success and you’ll have some great inspiration to fuel you when you need it.

After you’ve been doing this for a little while you’ll start to notice some changes in the way you think, the choices you’re making and the results you’re achieving.

It can also help you sleep better too knowing it’s off your mind and chest.

When you’ve created this kind of environment for success you’re more aware of how external and internal influences are effecting your thoughts. And you can make changes more quickly and keep yourself from getting off track or stuck.

  • Here are the steps for creating a mindset for success
  • Start with thankful : write three things you’re thankful for each morning
  • End with awesome : write about one things that happened that day and dig in a little deeper. Add one way you can improve something in your life.
  • Spring clean : take note of what is blocking you, sort, purge and donate what’s not needed in your life.

Congratualtions! By taking these small consistent actions each day you’re becoming more mindful of your thoughts and strengthening your mind for success.


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