How to Do More in Less Time

Do you ever get to the end of the day + feel like you’ve still got so much to do?

You’ve been working hard, head down all day + yet you’ve not made the progress you’d hoped. All through the day you’ve jumped from one task to another, phone call to email. And still that todo list is starring you down.

That’s no way to enjoy your day!

I’ve been there + I understand. I’m a work-at-home-schooling mum. My day’s probably a lot like yours. We’ve got so many different responsibilities + even more things to do.

So how do we handle it all? We multi-task.

Women especially are known for processing several tasks at once. And there are times when multi-tasking is essential. When multi-tasking is an essential part of doing.

Think about making an omelette with salad for lunch.

You turn a pan on to gently heat while you gather the salad ingredients and rinse them under the tap. While the salad is sitting in the strainer to drain, you crack some eggs into a bowl and start whisking. Checking the pan, you pour the eggs in to cook and turn back to the sink to shake off the salad. You flip the eggs, put the salad on the plate and slide the omelette on next to the salad.

There’s a lot of activity all happening all at once here + you’re constantly switching between tasks. BUT all these tasks are part of doing this one bigger task. These small tasks that you’re switching between are in a sequential order guiding you to end result of a delicious lunch.

That’s not the kind of multi-tasking I’m talking about here.

The kind of multi-tasking that I’m talking about is what I call swistch-tasking. It actually keeps us from making progress, like enjoying a beautiful omelette + salad lunch. Switch-tasking is when we jump from one unrelated activity to another. And when we do this a l l – d a y – l o n g it’s no wonder we don’t get what we need to done, make the progress we long for + feel like it will never end.

Switch tasking is a massive killer of productivity.

Your brain can only do one thing really well at a time. When you switch between two tasks you slow yourself down + it ends up taking you longer to do both tasks together than you would if you did one task at a time.

Not only does it take you longer, you aren’t giving yourself the opportunity to be in the moment, really dive deep into your work + enjoy what you’re doing.

Ever tried to watch a favourite show while doing something else. Guaranteed you’re missing out on seeing some of your show while you’re switching between watching + whether else it is that you’re doing.

It’s time to change all that craziness + get more done in less time. It’s time to …

PowerChunks enable you to put like activities together to get more done in less time, otherwise known as batching. When you batch like activities you save time + energy. You could say it’s smart multi-tasking!

The key to batching successfully is to combine the right things together.

So what are good combinations for PowerChucks?

PowerChunks are the combination of tasks based on time or location. Let’s take a look at batching with time first.

Travelling to work is a great opportunity to PowerChunk with your time. You can use the time you travel to work for learning by listening to a podcast or your study lessons. If you are on public transport, you might like to use that time to relax by reading or writing emails to connect with loved ones.

At work you may schedule a block of time to create a number of social media posts or blog articles together. While at home you choose one day of the week for all your errands + house cleaning.

It’s grouping like activities together in the same chunk of time.

The other way is to PowerChunk by location.

One location I like to batch tasks is in the kitchen. Even though I find cooking relaxing + enjoy making healthy meals for my family, batching meals saves me time + energy, giving me time do more of the stuff I enjoy.

I’ll put on a slow cook meal for dinner while I’m preparing breakfast. If I’m making dinner in the afternoon, I’ll also make some nut slice for snacks or meatballs for lunches.

I may spend a little bit more time in the moment to make multiple meals + snacks, but I save a lot time compared to making each meal as I need them. And it’s so good when you don’t have any meal prep to do for a few days … I love that!

Combinations are only limited by your imagination!

So let’s find out how to get creative with your planning + use PowerChunks to get more done in less time.

If your days are filled with activity but you still feel like you’re not making the progress you’d like + your todo list is staring you down, there’s a simple solution for you.

PowerChunks help you do more in less time + by getting creative with your combinations you can find new meaning in activities that you’d otherwise miss.

Pick up your copy of Learn the Secret to Get More Done in Less Time with free printables and turn the necessary mundane into joy filled moments + have more free time!

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