You’re half way through the year.

It’s always shocking when we discover we’ve made it to the halfway point.

So I’ve got to ask, how’s it going for you?

Are you on track to finish strong and achieve your goals?

Or have you coaster to this point, wondering what you’ve done with your time?

No matter your answers, there is still time, actually it’s the perfect time to check in, do a personal mid year review, ask the right questions, to ensure you use the next six months to live your best life.

Reflection is the most powerful tool and practice you can use to track your progress and ensure you reach your goals. It’s a key productivity skill of successful people.

How often do you take time to reflect on what’s happening in your life?

We can do this simply by doing personal reviews.

Reviews are a key tool of successful people. And the more often you do reviews the more productive and effective you become.

It’s how you ensure you are making the right decisions to create your best life and turn your dreams into reality.

At the very least I’d recommend a mid year review on the different categories of your life.

Ideally I’d encourage you to have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews too. And don’t worry, they’re not all the same. You ask different questions for each kind of review because you’re looking for answers specific to each reviews needs.

And you can make them as fun or as boring as you want them to be. It’s totally up to you!

A mid year personal review has specific questions so you can know if you’re on track to accomplish your goals, complete your projects and are generally living a life of purpose and passion.

If you plan by the quarter as I do, this time of the year you’d have two quarters of results to draw from. And with six months of data, you’ll get a good picture of where you are now.

It’s a great time to celebrate your progress, your wins, big and small. Acknowledging your wins is also a great way to build on the momentum you’ve created and refuel yourself.

Life is more than check boxes and todo lists, it’s to be enjoyed.

You’ll also gain more clarity on what you need to do for the next two quarters to finish the year strong.

And when you do a mid year review with your work team and family helps everyone move in the same direction, because we’re better together.

You can enjoy the support and accountability from working together, knowing it’s helping you achieve your goals, not simply cracking the whip on what you’re not doing right.

The key to a successful review is to know what questions to ask. Being vague isn’t going to give you the results you desire. Don’t worry I’ve got a great set of questions below you can use to get just the information you need.

It also helps if you know what you’re going to review. I use these eight categories for my reviews, you’re welcome to use them too, or you can create your own list.

Life categories for review :

Faith : it’s all about your spirit

Health : this one’s about your mind and body

Wealth : what you do with what you have

Family : for me this is my immediate family, husband and son

Earn : it’s a more fun way of saying work

Learn : what are you purposefully learning to help you live well

Home : this is about the environment you live in

Social : for me this is my extended family, friends and other relationships

reflection is the most powerful productivity tool

Finally a good mid year review is all about you, your life, what’s important to you (your family and business) and how you want to live it.

It’s not a time for comparison. So let’s dive in …

How to do a mid year personal review to ensure you achieve your goals this year

Remember you can make this as fun or as boring as you like, so put on some music, get out your planner, spreadsheet or note book and favourite supplies.

1. Collect the right information

First you’re going to collect a bunch of information, the right information that will tell you what you need to change.

In one column on the left hand side of your page list the life categories you’re going to review. You’re welcome to use the ones I outlined above.

Then in columns across the page note these five headings :

  • what worked
  • what didn’t
  • lessons learned
  • thankful for
  • let go

Then go ahead and fill out the chart as well as you can for each category. It’s ok if you don’t have something to write in each section. This may be the case if this is your first review. Just do your best.

Review pages ready to make a plan for success are found in the FUSElife planner kits, see them here.

2. Reflect on what it means

Like I mentioned earlier, reflection is the most powerful productivity tool you can use. So take some time to think about what you’ve written down.

Circle or highlight things that stick out to you, things that need your attention and what you want to change.

This is powerful insight that you can use to better plan the next six months. Think about what you’d like to be writing at the end of the year.

What do you need to do differently to have that become reality?

3. Connect it to a plan for success

Now you’re ready to use this information to change how you approach each day.

With what you’ve discovered, you may need to create a new time map of how you want to use your time differently. You might like to complete a new priority grid so you know what your important but not urgent tasks need to be to reach your goals.

Whatever change you need to make, use this opportunity to connect where you are right now to where you want to be at the end of the year.

Make a plan for success with a FUSElife planner kits, see them here.

Interested in learning how you can plan your day with less overwhelm and more joy?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the daily scramble, learn how to plan your day the FUSElife Way and organise your day with confidence + clarity here.

I’d love to show you how!

You have one life to live. And it’s not all about check boxes and todo lists. Life is to be enjoyed. You can flourish in business + life, you just have to know how. Use this mid year personal review plan and finish your year stronger.

How to ensure you’ll achieve your goals this year. Use this simple 3 step review to get the right information so you know what to do to finish this year stronger, happier and more successful in your business + family life. >>> start today! | #flourishwithwhitespace #plannerprintables #planning #productivity #midyeareview #personalreview


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