I was chatting to a friend the other night about how much noise there is right now about setting goals and making plans for the new year.

Making plans and setting goals are good.

I encourage you to do that!

We need to set goals and make plans that move us towards our vision. Without a clear vision and plans we can so easily waste our days in distractions, hello social media and email inboxes.

A lack of planning also has our todo list + schedule so jam packed that we don’t know what to do first and we spend our days so busy but never really getting anywhere. #notfun and #soexhausting

I don’t want that for you!

With all this buzz about getting ready for the new year and setting shiny new plans I knew I had to bring to your attention what you might be missing out on.

When you haven’t first done some kind of a review you could be missing our BIG TIME!

What could you missing out on?

I’m glad you asked.

When you look back you learn some really amazing things than can help you achieve your goals quicker, avoid making the same mistakes and keep you from staying stuck.

No one wants to repeat the same mistakes or experience the same frustrations!

You can also miss the opportunity to finish strong + celebrate your successes.

This year isn’t over yet! Don’t let the pull of shiny new plans suck the energy out of you to keep going with what you’re working on. It can leave you a little deflated about what you didn’t get finished.

But this year isn’t finished yet!

So many good things can happen in a month.

Before we move forward, grab a piece of paper or open your phone notes and make a list of all the good stuff that happened this year. Include the challenges you overcome, journeyed through, the wins, the projects you completed and the one’s you’ve made progress on.

Take stock of all that you achieved this year, in business, personally and as a family.

Now schedule something special in your calendar to celebrate this good stuff with your family, colleges or even by yourself.

We don’t celebrate our progress enough!

Make reviews + celebration part of your regular routine. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly or all of the above. You’ll be more energised, inspired when you reflect on your progress.

Celebrate your progress on the way to where you’re going!

Ok, so you get to celebrate the good stuff you’ve achieved, what else?

And this is the really valuable stuff.

By doing a end of year review, like the one in the FUSElife Planners, you’ll discover insights that can lead to new strategies, tips and tweaks that can make your plans even better next year!

This is where you find what you can change for the better.
And who doesn’t want to make next year even better than this one!

So, how do you find that kind of information?
By paying attention.

And it’s easier than you think.

Grab out some more note paper or your phone and journal the answer questions like these :

  • What are your favourite moments from this year?
  • What felt successful?
  • What did you accomplish?
  • What energised you?
  • Who encouraged and supported you?
  • what outstanding goals or unfinished projects do you have?
  • Why do you think you didn’t achieve them?
  • What challenges did you face?
  • How did you overcome them?
  • What needs to change moving forward?
  • Are there things you need to let go of?

Mine for the gold

Look over your answers and use what you discover to make the new year even better. Now create amazing new plans with the knowledge you need to do better, but most importantly be better.

By making some changes, even small ones, you’ve changed your future for the better!

Now that’s worth celebrating 🙂

Remember, making plans for the year without taking time for reflection increases your chance of repeating the same mistakes, experiencing the same frustrations + keeps you stuck.

Success comes when you #takeAction

Collect : grab some note paper or your phone notes app and answer the questions

Reflect : look back over your notes and mine for the gold on how you can make the new year even better

Connect : schedule time to celebrate your progress!

Schedule time in your calendar for an end of year review because it’s time to flourish in business + life!

Use this simple 3 step process to avoid the same mistakes and frustrations, and plan for an awesome year ahead! | #flourishwithwhitespace #plannerprintables #planning #productivity #endofyearreview #goalsetting #newyear


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