At the start of each flight the stewards give a safety talk about what to do in an emergency. If the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling, you are to put your mask on first before trying to help anyone else. Of course, if you don’t take care of yourself first, how can you help anyone else.

While this makes sense and you would follow this advice in the air, is it a principle you follow in your day to day life on the ground?

Self care may sound selfish, indulgent even.

I know, life is full. With the demands of work + family, taking time for yourself can be easier said than done.

Many women put other’s needs ahead of their own. And while it may be natural instinct, and even seem honourable, not putting yourself first is short sighted.

In the long term you limit how much you can help others because you sacrifice your own health and reduce the effectiveness of your mission in the world.

You don’t make it a priority because you’re focused on your never ending todo list. You believe the lie that one day soon you’ll get caught up and then you’ll have more time to take care of yourself.

And maybe it’s become just another thing you have to do.

It’s just not true. And I have to say, that’s the wrong perspective.

I know because I’ve been there.

Late nights to get just one more things done. Always thinking about the next 5, no 10 things I need to do while missing the very moment I’m in, the only moment we really have.

And worst of all, not incorporating self care activities in my daily rhythm stopped me from living the life I wanted.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait, you can have time for self care and live your best life today.

But, the only way to make self care a priority is to slow down.

Slowing down to take care of yourself + your life, is the same as putting on the oxygen mask in a flight emergency. There’s no better way to take care of others and make the difference only your can make than to take time to take care of you.

Let’s take a look at what self care is and find out if it really is a self indulgent luxury.

Self care is engaging in activities and behaviours that have a positive effect on your body, mind and soul. In other words, your mental, physical and spiritual health.

While the activities are different for everyone, the end goal is the same.

Self care activities help you to reduce stress, strengthen relationships, maintain a positive work life balance, and nurture your mental, physical and spiritual well being.

And I would add to that, activities that are part of your everyday life that help you be your best self and live your best life!

So now you see that self care isn’t some self indulgent luxury but an essential part of living your best life.

Making time for self care is essential to be your most joyful, creative and productive self.

It’s about becoming the best you, with less hustle and more flow. Living in the moment, enjoying life and making the difference only you can make.

Think about what being in the flow means to your life, your business + family. What does being in the flow mean for your creativity?

And wouldn’t you want to be in that space more often?

Flow is my word for the year so this is something that deeply resonates with me. And it’s what WhiteSpace Design Studio is all about. To help us make space in our lives for what matters most, clearing the clutter so we can stay in the flow of joy + creativity.

Creativity, innovation and great ideas often come in the joyful moments of life. They rarely appear when we’re stressed and pressured to get it done now.

That is why self care is so important.

It fuels you, energises you. You don’t have to wait until …

By making time for self care, you begin living your best life today!

Using the three steps below I can help you find some time for you this week. And help you to start to integrate essential self care activities in to your daily life so you can start living your best life now!

You don’t need a lot of time to put on your own oxygen mask first. Follow these steps and find the time to be energised, refreshed and refuelled to do your best work, and be your best self.

Today is worth of being included in the story of your best life!

So how do you make time for self care?

Download and use the free priority grid below, from my printable planner kits, to help you get clear on where you are right now and what you need to do to be the best you + live your best life.

1. Collect : Make a list

Using the Priority Grid page, write down the different kinds of activities that you do over the coming week in one of the four grids. It’ll show you just what kind of activity fills your day. If it helps you can also keep a log of how long you spend doing that activity.

Now on the Notes page make a list of all the commitments that you have right now. Add to that all the things that are nagging at you, things you know need your attention, but you’ve been ignoring or putting off.

2. Reflect : Journal your thoughts

On another Notes page I want you to write 5 sentences about something in your life right now your thankful for. Really feel it.

Gratitude is always a good place to start. Thankfulness is like smelling coffee beans when you’re shopping for a new fragrance. It clears your mind.

Use the who, what, when, where and why to dive in deeper with your journalling. You can write more if you want to, don’t filter your thoughts, no one else is going to see it.

3. Connect : Make a plan

Circle or mark three things you can take off your list to lighten your load of responsibilities. What can you delegate? What can you postpone until a later time? What can you dismiss all together?

How much time will that give back to you this week?

Then use another copy of the Notes page to list the kinds of activity you need and want to be doing, to be the best you + live your best life. Include the things that need your attention, unfinished business at home or work, debts, health and relationship issues that need your attention.

On a clean page of the Priority Grid I want you to write down in the appropriate grid, activities + tasks you need to do to get those different areas of your life to the place they need to be.

  • Maybe you need more sleep so you write down a time that you are committing to going to bed in the evening.
  • Do you need to add some exercise into your daily routine or how about some creative time on the weekend?
  • Is it time to make a financial plan to pay down debt and start that savings account you’ve been putting off.

Are you like me and need to schedule some more fun into your day? Often times us planner lovers can be too focused on getting things done and not make time for play.

I’d suggest reducing the amount of things your trying to do or extending deadlines where you can so that you have more space to enjoy life too!

#tip : Remember self care is just about taking care of your self and your life so that your able to be the best you + live your best life!

Now that you have your before + after Priority Grids filled out, you can easily see where the time is coming from to invest in the new you.

Don’t be put off by how much you may have written down. You only need to work on one thing at a time to make progress.

Start putting those activities + tasks on the calendar and guard that time. Don’t let something less important take it’s spot.

You can do this!

For help using your time more intentionally and feel a greater sense of control in your day, grab your copy of the FUSElife Planner Playbook.

It’s essential to make space in your schedule for self care if you are to be your best, most productive, creative and joyful self. Be the best you + live your best life, starting today!

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