Imagine being able to get things done with less effort + more ease.

Actually you can and the key has been in front of us the whole time. And I know when you apply this to how you get things done, it’ll save you a whole bunch of time and effort.

Read on to discover what I learnt and how you can do it too.

A few weeks ago we pruned the mulberry tree in our front yard. You wouldn’t believe it’s already loaded with new leaves and fruit even though we’ve still got a month of winter left.

For some reason that tree has always been ahead of the season. It seems like the tree out the front is working with the one out the back so we don’t get mulberries on them both at the same time.

Of course they’re not really working with each other, but nature does have some pretty amazing productivity principles going on.

Then the next weekend we visited Bunya Mountains with friends. It was incredible to see the giant Bunya Pine trees stand so confident and strong in the Mountains. And there was a multitude of wallabies lazing about the hillside like they don’t have a care in the world.

Wallabies are a mini version of the kangaroo. Here’s a photo so you can see these adorable Aussie icons.

As you stand on the hillside of the Bunya Mountains soaking in the warm winter sun, there is an undeniable calmness that washes over you. The scene before you has a sense of order that makes it easy to relax, and lean into rest.

We live in the hustle + bustle of the city, so this calming presence was a timely reminder of the importance of rest. That was my first lesson for the weekend.

Rest is an essential part of life.

I knew that, but it’s not always easy to do.

More often than not we’re focused on what we need to do, so we can move on to the next thing that we need to do. The never ending necessity to get things done can leave little space for rest.

Maybe you’re like me, and living from a place of rest doesn’t come naturally to you. You’re driven by the desire to do all you can to take care of your family and customers.

These are good things, but not to the extent that we aren’t taking care of ourselves too.

As I was surrounded by nature’s ease that weekend, my thoughts were drawn to the idea of how we could have more rest in our lives.

That was my next lesson.

Actually it’s a lesson I’ve been learning for years, but something in that moment caused me to see things from a new perspective, to connect some dots in a new way.

I was challenged about how rest could be more than an isolated activity to check off our todo list. The idea about how we could get things done from a place of rest had been stirred once again.

When you live in the city, you have to be intentional about stepping out of the hustle + bustle. The busyness of life can easily draw you in.

But being busy isn’t the same as being productive. You can think you’re being really productive, but you’ve just got good at getting a lot of things done.

Productivity produces results.

Somehow nature knows what to focus on and has a way of getting results without the stress we often feel.

Nature has a secret to it’s effortless productivity and it’s found in systems.

What do I mean by systems? Think of systems as checklists, processes, workflows, habits and routines.

Systems allow us to get things done with less stress + more ease. They also help us from being busy and to stop doing things that aren’t important.

And what is really amazing is how the way nature gets things done, also provides us a relaxing environment in which to live.

Imagine being able to create a more relaxed environment to live in as a result of the way you do things!

When you create systems and streamline how you do what you do, you can live from a place of rest and confidence as nature does. And at the same, time you’ll create a relaxing atmosphere for yourself and those around you.

As I looked back over the years I saw that I’d been sort of doing this and somewhat unintentionally.

I’ve gone from working out of the home, to working for myself from home, to being a work-at-home mum and now a work-at-home-schooling mum. Each new season in our life I’ve adapted and changed my systems to accommodate our needs so that I can get things done with less effort + more ease.

In these last five years since adding home schooling to the mix, I experimented with systems to find the best way to get things done for me and my family.

I also did a variety of personality tests to get to know myself better. It’s so easy to get lost in the necessities of the day to day hustle + bustle as a working mum. And I’ve found that learning more about who I am helped me be a better me, in all the different areas of my life.

I tested different morning and evening routines. The results surprised me. You can read about them here. I tried different days and ways to get household jobs + business work done.

That’s what I love about creating systems, you can tailor make them to fit you like a glove.

Just like nature you can get things done more easily and create a relaxing environment for you and those around you.

It’s time to create systems and live from a place of rest!

Nature is a great example of how we can create systems to get things done with less effort and more ease. Sign up below to receive your Daily Success Pack and get started today!

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