plan+do™ style

Creatives are big picture thinkers.

Using this style isn’t about being arty, although many arty people may find themselves within this style.

The plan+do styles are a combination of your personality + planning + productivity styles that shows you how to get things done in the most productive way for YOU!

Creative Personality

Creatives love exploring ideas and coming up with new + innovative solutions.

big picture thinker
you enjoy exploring new ideas


explore new ideas
and coming up with innovative solutions


ask why questions
challenge the status quo, just because


You’re a big picture thinker. You enjoy exploring new ideas + coming up with innovative solutions.

Creatives love nothing better than turning an old idea into something new. You like to tweak tradition.

Often times you find yourself challenging the status quo just to see what happens. You find it difficult to accept something … just because.

Questions for you often start with “What if …?” or “Why …?

Creative Planning

As a Creative, give yourself the gift of flexibility + the space to create a day that works with you. You’ll focus better.

better focus
large chunks of time for projects


theme days
plenty of time to dive into the details


batching tasks
avoid distractions and get things done


A tightly scheduled day doesn’t bring you peace or joy like it does for others.

Ideally you like to work with large chunks of time for your projects. This allows you to work from with the big picture in focus, and have time to get into the details + do what needs to be done.

Having a theme for your week or days works great.

Knowing that you have plenty of time set aside to dive into projects or tasks helps to keep you from getting bored or distracted.

Within these weekly or daily themes you can batch smaller + less exciting tasks together to keep you from getting distracted.

When working on a big project, you may like to divide your days into different parts of the project.

Creative Doing

And just like your schedule, you love lots of white space in your planner.

lots of space
double page spreads with plenty of room


lots of notes pages
capture ideas any time and where


weekly meetings
big picture view for focus and delegation


Use double page spreads to have that big picture view of what’s happening for both the year and month pages.

Make sure you have plenty of grid or note pages throughout your planner to capture those ideas when they come. You may even like to add some to the reverse side of your week + month pages.

With a weekly page + a master todo list you’ll have the flexibility you crave while being able to focus on what matters.

If you are coordinating a larger family or mixing personal + business together you may prefer a double week spread with your master todo list.

Be sure to clear your mind with a weekly meeting. They are great for families and work teams too.

Write down everything that needs your attention for the coming week. An extra bonus is that now everyone else knows what they are responsible for 😉

Your mind can be used for other creative things instead of trying to remember things for yourself + everyone else.

When things pop into your mind simply write it on the master todo list.

Stickers, washi tape + coloured pens are often essentials as you get things done.

There isn’t a crafting product that’s off limits for you. Add some photos + your planner becomes a keepsake too!

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I've actually been using the Burst since 2017 and I absolutely love it. I've tried countless productivity and to do list and planning apps over the years, I gave up and went back to a paper planner!

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Nicole Colleke

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My daughter and I both love your style! We plan to put a spiral binding on it as opposed to putting it into a binder. She is headed off to college in the fall and was looking for the perfect planner.

I love all the options and choices! It certainly will be a planner designed just for me! I couldn’t find one in any store that I liked enough to buy. So excited to get started printing and planning!  Thanks for making this so easy! 

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