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Denise is a certified Master Coach with a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, who is passionate about helping women leaders solve problems in their organisations and create results in their lives and leadership practice.

She has a heart for creating a new culture of mastery, but her brand wasn’t communicating that excellence.

As a women’s leadership expert, public academic and Master Coach, Denise has developed the Masters of Leadership Institute that is creating a new culture of leadership, one of mastery and true excellence, with brave women leaders who are done with the status quo.

Having poured her heart and soul into designing an expert leadership training and personal development program, one that rivals Harvard, it was time to elevate the Institute’s brand to reflect that excellence.

To take her program and business to the next level, Denise was ready to align the visual message of her brand for the Institute with the powerful impact her training is having in women leader’s organisations and their lives.

Denise’s big breakthrough!

Clients come to me with their most pressing problem, and often we discover there is something else they need to achieve their goals and grow their business!

Initially, Denise wanted a Success Path™ graphic to help communicate the journey women leaders take in her program.

Showing this clear path forward visually helps people from becoming lost and overwhelmed with all the information so they can get from where they are to where they want to go. It’s one of the most imporatant tools you can have in your business to differentiate you from everyone else.

That’s what we all want for our businesses, to stand out above the crowd, and what’s holding us back from having those results is often NOT what we think.

After creating powerful tools and resources for the Institute, Denise discovered the next step for the impact and growth she desired.

What was holding Denise back from approaching larger organisations and businesses … wasn’t her program, it’s truely next level leadership excellence.

The problem was that she had outgrown her original branding and it wasn’t communicating the exceptional results her program and coaching provides.

Having invested in herself to understand and be equipped to women overcome the obstacles leaders face, it was time to reflect her masterful expertise in her business and training program.

Denise has an amazing gift in equipping and elevating women to be master leaders! She just needed a design that communicates the level of education and excellence she provides.

So that’s what we did!

Over the past couple of years we’ve continued to work together and Denise now has an on brand lead magnet, Success Path™ and Stages Pages™, graphics, certification badges, orientation guide, workbook, a beautiful perpetual planner badged with her new institute logo to take her program to the next level and have a greater impact.

What we’re doing in Denise’s business

While we went to work creating tools and resourcess for Denise’s training insitute, we refreshed her brand with a clean, professional look and feel that gives her members clarity and confidence as they develop their leadership skills.

By creating these resources Denise grew in insight and passion on how to further her impact in disrupting the status quo and create a new culture of leadership with mastery and excellence.

New marketing resources and training tools

Institute Logo

New design to reflect the excellence of the Institute’s training program.

:: Half VIP Design Day

Leadership Graphics

On brand training graphics to visually communicate the leaders journey.

:: Half VIP Design Day

Promotional Gifts

Designs to inspire and motivate women on their path to masterful leadership.

:: Quarter VIP Design Day

Success Path™

Create a customer journey graphic and Stages Pages™ as a guide for the path to mastery.

:: Full VIP Design Day

Lead Magnet

A short guide that outlines the spheres of influence and values of a masterful leader.

:: Half VIP Design Day

Orientation Guide

Create a simple guide to prepare a strong foundation for the leadership journey.

:: Quarter VIP Design Day


Spacious and professional workbook outlining the Path to Masterful Leadership.

:: Full VIP Design Day

Perpetual Planner

Beautifully designed goal setting and daily planner based on Denise’s Path to Leadership framework.

:: Full VIP Design Day


Stylish and elegant notebook to confidently lead meetings and capture ideas.

:: Quarter VIP Design Day

With a clear path mapped Denise leads aspiring leaders with confidence as they grow in their leadership skills and identity.

Communicating this journey with a stylish and professional brand is giving women clarity and focus as they pursue their leadership dreams. Plus they have a range of effective tools that guides them so they know exactly what to do and when.

The Institute elevates womens indentity as strong as someone with a traditional masters certification, and the new branding reflects a comparable Ivy league education.

Denise is now ready to take her business to the next level and make a bigger impact in women’s lives.

What Denise says about our work together

It is a pleasure working with you again, and especially on this planner that is going to bring my members so much clarity and focus!
Denise Simpson

PhD, MA, Executive Coach, Simpson Strategies

Thank you so much. Everything looks great. I appreciate your creativity and putting my work into a beautiful workbook. And as always, it was delightful working with you. Until next time 🙂
Denise Simpson

PhD, MA, Executive Coach, Simpson Strategies

Thank you as always for your amazing work. I’m sending the notebook to the printers today! I can’t wait to use it. 
Denise Simpson

PhD, MA, Executive Coach, Simpson Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we do in day?

1 VIP Design Day we could accomplish one of these projects :

  • Brand Blueprint using your existing logo design
  • Custom planner, workbook or journal
  • Website : up to 4 pages (privacy + terms included) with WordPress + Divi
  • Long form sales page on your WordPress website or Teachable
  • Update your membership, course or coaching portal on Teachable, MemberVault or WordPress
  • Add on to your existing WordPress website a simple membership, course or coaching portal
  • Success Paths and Stages Pages

2 VIP Design Days we could accomplished one of these projects :

  • Brand Blueprint including logo design and 8-10 marketing templates
  • Website : 5-7 pages (privacy + terms included)
  • Set up a membership, course or coaching portal on Teachable, MemberVault or WordPress
  • Add on to your existing website a WooCommerce Store
  • Sales Funnel integration with Active Campaign, ConvertKit or Mail Chimp email service and autoresponder series
  • Custom deluxe planner or workbook
How can you get these things done so fast? What are we missing out on?

With over 25 years experience in small and large design projects I know what we need and how to do it in a way that only cuts the waiting, review and feedback time. you'll be missing out on delays, frustration, late nights and extra stress ... you're welcome 😉 

Can I skip the VIP Fresh Session?

Nope, no one can work with me until we've pin pointed your unique strengths and skills, and got clear on your goals. Strategy and designing a personalised plan to reach your goals is my thing. It'll save you loads of time and handfuls of money.

Remember, if we work together the price of the Fresh Session comes off your first VIP Design day or VIP Grow plan, so it's not an extra cost.

Who don't you work with?

I work with established creative entrepreneurs, coaches, educators and small buiness owners who work with clients or sell digital products (not physical products or manufacturing or start ups), at the very least those who've worked with a handful of clients or are selling at least one digital product already. 

Where are you located? What if I'm not nearby?

I'm based in Brisbane, Australia and I work with business all over the world virtually. So no worries!

How do I get started?

First book a Connect Call with me so I can make sure I can help you reach your goals. If we're a good fit, you'll be invited to book a VIP Fresh Session with me.

After the session you'll receive a report with a strategic plan on what to do with your brand, website, marketing and/or how I can support you to achieve your goals. It will include the VIP Package details we'll need to work together. There is no obligation for us to work together.

Should we work together you'll receive access to your Private Portal and we collect the information we need to get things done.

VIP Design Days are done in ONE day (or a few), with a little prep work from you ahead of time. VIP Freedom Plans are for existing design clients and I'm there when you need me. VIP Grow Plans we'll book your first session and make a regular schedule that suits your needs.

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