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How Karim simplified her business and doubled her income!

Meet Karim

Karim is a passionate certified native Spanish teacher, curriculum designer and homeschool mom who created a program to make it easier for other families to enjoy learning Spanish and become a bilingual family too.

She had a solid business, but was overwhelmed.

Karim, certified teacher and owner of Spanish Educational Solutions, created a full Spanish speaking curriculum that kids have fun with, not just learning to speak but experiencing the culture too, and parents enjoy that their kids are excited about the progress they’re making.

While Karim loves supporting homeschooling parents, educate bilingual families and help learners fall in love with the Hispanic culture BUT a lot of her time was taken up with onboarding families at enrollment and ongoing customer support of answering simple questions which was keeping her from what she enjoyed the most, creating new lessons and helping more families.

Terrified of the back end of her business, Karim didn’t know how to create systems or integrate things like her email, website and program portal.

She was stuck and didn’t have the time to scale her business.

Karim’s big breakthrough!

Often times clients come to me with one problem, usually the most pressing one for them, and we discover something different is actually holding them back!

Initially, Karim wanted systems to help make marketing easier, so she could grow + scale her business.

Of course, that is what we all want in business, but what’s holding us back from having those results is often not what we think.

After a design strategy call to find where the bottlenecks were in her business, we discovered what was really stopping Karim from having more sales … it wasn’t her marketing.

She has an amazing gift in connecting with people! She just needed the energy to do it that way she desired to.

The problem was that she felt drained and overwhelmed from not having systems to make things like customer support and on-boarding new families easier.

So that’s what we did!

What we did in Karim’s business!

To give Karim back her time and replenish her energy to enjoy her marketing, we begin by setting up email automations to take the immediate pressure of helping families get set up for learning Spanish together.

Next we redesigned the onboarding and learning experience to make it easier for families to set up themselves up for learning success!

Short videos and a Parent Handbook now guide parents step by step so that they are ready to enjoy learning with their kids when it’s time for classes begin.

The new process has eliminated the majority of customer support answering the questions parents had about access and using the learning resources.

Plus they now have checklists and program guides so they know exactly what to do + when.

Simplifying the onboarding + learning process has made it a lot easier for parents, and they can now enjoy the learning experience with their kids, instead of planning and organising what they need to do. It also encourages the kids to become independent learners, another time saving benefit for parents!

Along with the new onboarding + learning experience, we also rebranded the program with a new logo and branding kit.

And we’ve just created a new sales page for the rebranded program. The final step is to update the email automations.

business strategy

streamlined processes and created systems for smoother onboarding and support

logo design

rebrand the program to reflect the fun families have learning Spanish together

brand identity

updated brand kit to include bright, bold colours to reflect the new learning experience.

digital assets

create a new marketing assets for social media and affiliate kits to reflect the new branding style


create a new sales page that shows parents the joy of becoming a bilingual family with a certified teacher

program portal

redesigned the onboarding and learning experience so families can enjoy learning together

tech set up

integrated the learning hub and email service to ensure families received the support they need

digital products

create a Parent Handbook with checklists that guide parents so they know what to do and when

Hear what Karim said about us working together

I was afraid to touch of the back end of my business, terrified by technology. I didn’t know how to integrate things, my email, the back end of my website, sales funnels and so many other things.

I was stuck and couldn’t scale my business.

Jacqui took away the overwhelming feeling and helped me make a plan to create the systems I needed to scale my business.

She is my secret weapon!

Karim Morato

Certified Spanish Teacher and Owner, Spanish Educational Solutions

Samples of our work together

The new Speak Spanish for Kids program logo.

Updated Branding Kit and new Private Facebook Group Cover.

Parent Handbook with checklists and tips for smooth onboarding and enhanced learning experience.

New sales page for the Learn to Speak Spanish for Kids program. You can view the full version here.

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Not sure what you need, let’s chat about it! We’ll talk about how I can help and we can go from there.

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